At the Depth - Animated 3D Wallpaper




The depths of the ocean on the desktop of your PC


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It is true that there are hundreds of wallpapers with 'underwater' themes to put on your desktop, but perhaps they lack some movement.

At the Depth - Animated 3D Wallpaper is, like its name indicates, a 3D wallpaper that will submerge the icons on your desktop in the deepness of the sea, where you can see the fish swim through rocks and seaweed.

The great appeal of this wallpaper is that it is completely dynamic, in that at all times you are watching the colored fish and starfish move slowly through the deep sea.

If you want to try a different wallpaper, At the Depth -Animated 3D Wallpaper is an almost obligatory download.

Displays a window ever so often.

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